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2021 Treatments

Hi to you all once again! As we enter our first week of relaxing of the rules once again (and hopefully the last). I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying those opportunities of getting to spend time with friends and family once again albeit still at a safe distance.

If all goes to plan, Tranquility will be reopening on Monday 12 April Whaahooo!!! I cannot tell you just how excited I am to see you all. My diary is open, so please get booking. If you have gift cards, vouchers or pre-paid blocked booked treatments, find the appointment you want on the website and either use your code to book or contact me and I can book you in.

I’m excited to also tell you about a new treatment coming soon. After all this time away, I’m happy to announce that from mid-May I will be offering Indian Head Massage. So, if you want to try something new with me, watch this space!

That’s about all for now folks, but just another massive thanks to those who have supported me throughout by either booking treatments, buying gift cards, or simply keeping in touch – all massively appreciated.

Take care and stay safe everyone, we’re nearly there 😊

Cathy xxx

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