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Coronavirus precautions

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In line with the latest government advice regarding the COVID-19 virus, I would like to inform you of the additional measures I have put in place to protect you, my valued clients, during this unsettling and uncertain time.

I wish to make it clear that whilst I am running a business, I also regard you as friends and part of the Tranquility family, and as such, am making changes which I trust will allow you to feel confident that I am exceeding expectations in the battle to protect anyone who comes to me for treatment.

I have listed below changes that I have made during this time and welcome comments or suggestions where I can improve further:

1. Clients with low immunity

A significant number of my clients have conditions which result in a compromised immune system. This is a particularly worrying time for you if you fall into this bracket. I appreciate that many of you may be concerned about the risks of coming into the Leisure centre during this time. Therefore I am prepared, on case-by-case basis, to offer Reflexology treatments in your own home. This will be subject to change as the current climate unfolds. Please contact me if you feel this is something you would be interested in and we can discuss your circumstances and decide whether it is in our best interest to proceed on this basis.

2. Hand and room sanitiser

Since I am a qualified aromatherapist I have prepared a quantity of hand and room sanitiser for use for me both at work and home. This is using the required 60% alcohol level that is needed to kill the virus and contains aromatherapy oils which are known to boost the immune system and have anti-viral properties. Should you wish to bring an empty bottle at the time of your treatment, I would be happy to give 50ml (subject to availability) for a small donation of a minimum of £2.50 (to cover the cost of materials – please bear in mind that I am subject to market forces and the material price, availability and delivery is an unknown factor. I am clearly not a mass producer so my costs are substantially higher than those purchased in supermarkets). This is something I am doing to protect my clients, not as a financial reward. Please contact me separately if you are having trouble sourcing hand sanitiser but do not have an appointment already booked and wish to try mine.

3. Massage Set Up

As my clients will know, I use silk and other materials on my massage table, and these materials are all changed after each client as standard. As these materials are delicate, they are unable to be put on a hot wash cycle. I will be spraying these materials with sanitiser spray before use. But, if any client would feel happier using couch roll and towels, please do let me know and I will happily arrange this for you.

4. Online Booking System

I have up to now left 30 minutes between treatments to allow for cleaning up and changing of linen, towels etc. This has now been extended to 50 minutes to allow for a full, deeper clean of the whole treatment room between each client. This may not be something you see at the time of booking, but be aware that you may see fewer appointments available to book and this is the reason why.

5. Non-Refundable Deposit flexibility

Anyone who is unwell or feels they may have been exposed to the virus are being advised to Self Isolate. Please email, text or facebook message me to let me know if you are unable to attend your appointment. Anyone who cannot make their appointment due to self-isolating, will not lose their £10 deposit, I will be happy to rebook your appointment once your self-isolating period has ended and you are able to reschedule.

6. Cancellation of treatments by Tranquility

I shall cancel treatments if it becomes apparent that I need to self-isolate. This, I hope, will not occur as I am taking every precaution possible for my clients, and for myself, to combat the spread of this virus in my vicinity. Any appointments cancelled will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience.

I will continue to offer treatments until any further Government advice is updated and will continue to put these extra measures in place until it is safe to resume normal practice.

All treatments can still be booked online, and I am more than happy for any client, new and existing, to contact me for further information or to raise any concerns they may have.

Cathy, Tranquility

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