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Latest COVID Update - 22 September

In view of today’s announcement by Boris Johnson I believe it has now become necessary to make some changes to Tranquility’s Covid 19 protocols to keep myself, and my clients as safe as possible.

The Government guidance has been updated today (22 September 2020), and several parts are now enforceable by law. This affects the treatment experience as follows:

Face Coverings

Whilst in the communal areas of Leisure At, face coverings must now be worn. This is now also necessary during treatments by law, unless you fall into any of the exempt categories listed on the website.

Length of Treatment

Up to now, the majority of my bookings are for Totally Tranquil two hour treatments and I have sought clarification from The Federation of Holistic Therapists. regarding the length of treatments allowed. Their response is laid out below:

"Businesses should consider providing shorter, more basic treatments to keep the time to a minimum" and “Where extended treatments are undertaken, such as […] massages, consider how the length of the appointment could be minimised.”

While they have not stated any minimum or maximum length of time, in line with this government guidance, we are recommending that members provide shorter treatments where possible and not to exceed an hour (total appointment time)."

For the foreseeable future it is my intention to only carry out Serenity in Sixty treatments to comply with the new laws introduced. I realise this will be disappointing to a great many of you and I therefore intend to alter your appointments accordingly.


Clients with current Totally Tranquil, or Build Your Own Bliss bookings

For those who have a Totally Tranquil treatment booked, I offer you instead the Serenity in Sixty treatment for £30.00 (the price for one hour of the Totally Tranquil treatment) or offer a refund of your deposit (if paid) should you not wish to take the hour treatment offered. I will contact each client with a booking in due course to discuss how you would like to proceed.

Gift Voucher Recipients

Totally Tranquil Gift Vouchers

Those with Gift Vouchers to redeem for a Totally Tranquil treatment are welcome to book in for two Serenity in Sixty treatments, or one Serenity in Sixty treatment and one Tranquility Massage Candle 50ml.

Build Your Own Bliss Gift Vouchers

Those of you with a Build Your Own Bliss Gift Voucher, I offer one Serenity in Sixty treatment and one Tranquility Massage Candle 30ml.

Block Treatment Bookings

Those of you who have purchased block treatments of Totally Tranquil or Build Your Own Bliss, I shall contact you individually where we can decide how to move forward.

PPE and Safety Procedures

I have up to now been absorbing the additional cost of PPE and extended cleaning times between clients to allow for a full deep clean of the therapy space. I believe this to be a general cost of providing this service, however I am sure you will agree, my pricing structure is extremely competitive and I may find it necessary to review this pricing in the near future. I shall however give as much notice as possible should a PPE cost need to be applied.

It is my intention to try to reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste being generated by using disposable single use sheets and towels. The silk and cotton sarongs used pre COVID-19 cannot be washed at 60 degrees as is required but to mitigate the risk of the virus being spread via fabric, I have invested in a garment steamer. Moving forward, all fabric shall be steamed which will ensure these fabrics are perfectly safe to use during your treatment.


Please accept my apologies for the lengthy post. I am gutted to have been forced to make this announcement, those of you who have already come for treatments at Tranquility will realise just how much I love offering my Totally Tranquil and Build Your Own Bliss treatments; I really love the unhurried relaxed manner we have up to now been able to enjoy.

I have come to think of you all as my friends and will miss our chats very much. I shall be focussing, as always, on offering an outstanding treatment at a fair price. This will just look slightly different for the foreseeable future.

Those of you who still feel uncomfortable with coming back for your regular treatments, please do not worry. Tranquility welcomes you back whenever the time is right for you

See you soon and stay well.


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