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Update on Coronavirus precautionary measures

In line with the latest government guidelines, and with the announcement that Leisure At is now closed to the public until further notice; I am sorry to say that from today, I have decided to postpone all treatments booked until further notice. I have also decided that where some therapists will be continuing giving treatments throughout this time, I do not see how this can be done safely especially with the government advising us to practice social distancing. On this occasion I am putting people firmly before profit. I feel I have a duty of care towards you all and therefore will not be offering an alternative location nor mobile services until told that it is safe to do so. All treatments already booked will be rescheduled once we have more information about timescales. I will be in contact in the near future regarding your appointments. Please note that bookings made during an offer period and gift cards with an expiry date will be honoured and any monies already received by me for treatments will be offset against the treatments when we are back in a position to recommence business as usual. Being in such a privileged position of getting to know each and every one of you, my lovely clients, I am aware of the amazing talents, kindness and personalities amongst us. I cannot share just how amazing you all are, I’m not even sure you realise it yourselves! I wonder if, during this time, you would find it helpful to have some sort of group where you could go to for help or offer services, if no one in the group can help, I’m sure we would know someone else who could. I would like to do what I can for the Tranquility Family and to this end ask you if you think this could be helpful? We can pull together and help each other out at this time of uncertainty whether it be picking up a prescription or supplying a meal for someone who just needs it. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this. Just to finish, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and support so far, we are walking a different path currently and none of us are sure of what lies ahead, but it’s by staying together and doing what we know is the right thing for us as a community, we shall get through it …. And lets have a party at the other end! Cathy Tranquility

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