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Tranquility Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage combines the use of essentials oils from plants, alongside a luxurious massage, to heighten their effects upon the whole body and mind.

Aromatherapy works on the principle that the compound extract of different plants, herbs and fauna (the essential oils) have unique properties when absorbed through the skin or inhaled by the client. Since each essential oil has specific attributes, the therapist is able to blend several of these oils together to create an individual healing experience tailored to the client each and every time. 

Evidence has suggested that the use of aromatherapy promotes wellbeing and positive mood in a variety of cases. The limbic system in the brain can be stimulated through the fragrances of the oils which in turn can have a variety of effects on the client both physiological and emotional. Clients may also conjure memories during the treatment as the scents activate the limbic mentioned above which play a vital role in processing memory in the brain. 

The wide variety of oils available to be mixed by the therapist means that a client may not have the same blends for each treatment. A client may want to have their treatment target the following areas:

•    Stress reduction 
•    Increased focus/concentration
•    Emotional balance
•    Pain reduction
•    Fatigue reduction
•    Boost immunity

There are many other areas which an aromatherapy massage can target. A consultation with your therapist will allow a therapy plan to be developed in accordance with your needs.

Using a catalogue of essential oils with a deeply relaxing massage, Cathy will work with you to create the blend suited to your needs or concerns.  


With confidentiality and professionalism assured come and experience Tranquility Aromatherapy with its unique healing guided by you.


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