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Tranquility Reiki
Reiki Cheltenham
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Tranquility Reiki

The ancient Japanese system of Reiki is said to be the giving of happiness.


First introduced in Japan by the Buddist monk Mikao Usui in the 17th century. It was adopted by the Japanese military as a way to heal its soldiers wounded on the battlefield where there was little or no access to medical help.


Reiki uses Qi [Chi] to clear blockages within the body which can cause 'dis-ease'.  The healer acts as a channel for the Reiki energy. This energy enters the healer at the crown chakra of the head and flows through the their body and out through the hands and feet.  The healer then passes this energy to the client by either placing their hands on the body of the client or hands off. The healer may concentrate on areas that present as having more blockages but the client's whole body will be subject to the treatment.


During a treatment, the client may feel the Qi as it courses through the body. This could be a tingling in the fingers, feelings of heat or coolness often felt in the palm of the hands of the healer. The client may experience a range of sensations throughout, including seeing images or colours that correspond to particular chakra.


Cathy's Reiki treatments will always focus on your mind, body and spirit in its entirety. With a personalised treatment plan just for you with confidentiality and professionalism assured.

Come and experience the healing of Tranquility Reiki and indulge yourself in a complete cleansing of the chakras through this historic discipline.

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