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Feet Massages Cheltenham
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Feet Massaging

Tranquility Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive ancient holistic therapy which assumes that the feet, hands and ears reflect the rest of the body.


The foot is estimated to have around 7000-7500 nerve endings, each one is a reflex point which, when pressure is applied using particular finger and thumb manipulations, stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps to restore homeostasis treating the body in holistically.


Imbalances manifest themselves as crystals at the affected reflex point which can vary in size and density. Reflexology aims to break and disperse these crystals to allow energy to flow through the channels without disturbance.


During the treatment the client will certainly feel a deep relaxation however alongside this they may also experience tingling, warmth and pressure to areas being attended. Since reflexology works on an emotional level it is possible the client may feel powerful emotions during or after the treatment. After the treatment the client will be advised to drink plenty of water in order to remove toxins that may have been displaced by the treatment.


Cathy will always offer a bespoke and personalised service to the specific needs and requirements of her clients. With confidentiality and professionalism assured Cathy will endeavour to revitalise you holistically.

Begin your Tranquility Reflexology journey and let your energies be cleansed and feel the full effects of this ancient practice.

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